disentangles, disentangling, disentangled
1) VERB If you disentangle a complicated or confused situation, you make it easier to understand or manage to understand it, by clearly recognizing each separate element.

[V n] In this new book, Harrison brilliantly disentangles complex debates...

[V n from n] It's impossible to disentangle the myth from reality.

2) VERB If you disentangle something or someone from an undesirable thing or situation, you separate it from that thing or remove it from that situation.

[V n from n] They are looking at ways to disentangle him from this major policy decision...

[V n from n] The first thing they must do is disentangle themselves from the past.

3) VERB If you disentangle something, you separate it from things that are twisted around it, or things that it is twisted or knotted around.

[V n] She clawed at the bushes to disentangle herself...

[V n] The rope could not be disentangled and had to be cut. [Also V n from n]


English dictionary. 2008.

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